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Our Team

The Xofficio team comprises seasoned professionals who are experienced in supervising and handling operational responsibilities. As “player coaches,” we roll up our sleeves, working diligently to inspire confidence that you are delegating to a professional team that is dedicated to operational excellence.

Esther Cash

Esther Cash is founding president of Xofficio. Prior to Xofficio, Esther was vice president and CFO of The Investment Fund for Foundations (TIFF). In her 13 years at TIFF, she was instrumental in establishing and overseeing the operations of TIFF’s mutual funds, hedge funds, private equity funds, realty and resources funds, and other programs designed to meet the investment objectives and spending needs of non-profit organizations. She was also closely involved with TIFF’s strategic development and educational initiatives. Her previous experience includes operations, administration, and data management responsibilities at Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co. (GMO) and Cambridge Associates, Inc. Esther earned her BA in economics with honors from the University of Virginia.

Kerri White

Kerri White joined Xofficio in January 2007 as vice president. Kerri previously worked at Windhorse Group, a family investment office, where she assisted with all aspects of the office’s operations. This work included coordinating operations with the fund’s administrator, reconciling positions and performance, reviewing limited partner reports, assisting with the annual audit, producing the annual report, and supporting the family foundation’s activities. Her previous experience includes over 10 years with The Investment Fund for Foundations, where she oversaw the operations of its absolute return vehicles as well as its private equity and realty and resource partnerships. Kerri earned her BBA in management from James Madison University.

Stacy Benefield

Stacy Benefield joined Xofficio in January 2017. She was previously the manager of operations for Windhorse Capital Management, where she was involved in all non-investment related activities with an emphasis on investment operations, compliance, and data management. Prior to Windhorse, Stacy spent seven years at Investure, where she guided all non-investment related functions, including performance and regulatory reporting, financial audits, transaction processing, and cash forecasting. Stacy earned her BS in accounting and real estate from DePaul University. She is a CPA, registered in the State of Illinois.

Mike Orebaugh

Mike Orebaugh joined Xofficio in March 2010. Mike worked in the restaurant industry for over 10 years as a bartender and international trainer, where he was responsible for opening and organizing new stores in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Panama. He earned his BA in history from Wake Forest University and his Masters degree in accounting from the University of Virginia.

Mary Page

Mary Page joined Xofficio in January 2017. She spent nearly three years at Windhorse Capital Management as a document manager. Prior to joining Windhorse, Mary worked for seven years at Investure, where she had a variety of duties including document management and tax support. Prior to Investure, Mary worked as an investment analyst in the endowment offices for both the University of Virginia and the University of Michigan. She previously held the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and was a member of the CFA Institute from 2001 to 2023.

Bob Seaner

Bob Seaner joined Xofficio in February 2007. His previous experience includes 13 years with The Investment Fund for Foundations, where he was responsible for all capital equipment, network administration, technology development, and oversight of the technology team. Prior to TIFF, Bob worked as a computer consultant and network engineer for a Charlottesville-based computer company. He earned his BS in biology from Drexel University.

Bob Snyder

Bob Snyder joined Xofficio in April 2024. He started his career as the team lead developer for Verizon.com and launched Riverside Web Design to build websites for service-based businesses. Bob founded Magnum Events, which focused on coordinating on-brand fashion and entertainment events nationwide, and he developed a comprehensive web application to execute such events. He earned his degree in integrated science and technology with a concentration in e-commerce from James Madison University.

Karen Wayman

Karen Wayman joined Xofficio in July 2012. Her previous experience includes seven years at BB&T Barger Insurance Services, where she was in Employee Benefits Account Management. Karen also worked at Blue Ridge Planning Services and American Express Financial Advisers. She earned her degree in computer management from SUNY Delhi.