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Our Services

We are precise, thorough, and process-oriented in our quest to deliver first class results. We comb over every number multiple times. We remove many burdens from your day-to-day responsibilities while remaining confident that your operations are professionally managed, allowing you to maintain your focus on your investments.

Cash Reporting
  • Reconcile daily cash flows with custodian
  • Prepare daily cash projection report
  • Coordinate cash flows
  • Authorize or prepare directives for capital calls
  • Coordinate funding for new or additional investments
  • Monitor timely movement of funds
  • Ensure proper recording of distributions or redemptions
  • Authorize or prepare directives for payment of invoices
Performance Reporting
  • Collect monthly or quarterly account statements from managers
  • Work with preferred performance system to produce returns by manager and asset class
  • Compare returns with manager-reported performance
  • Collect benchmark data
  • Prepare monthly or quarterly client performance reports
  • Post manager communications to web-based report management system
  • Manager notices (capital calls, distributions)
  • Monthly or quarterly statements
  • Annual financials
  • Investment reports
  • Miscellaneous correspondence
  • Assist with document retrieval for client inquiries or audits

With Xofficio you can expect:

Freedom from non-core investment duties

More time for investments and board communications

Clarity and confidence in reporting and operations